Types and Meaning of the Alcoholism Essay

Posted on Jun 16, 2019

Alcoholism is not just a bad habit but a severe mental and physical disease that afflicts adults and adolescents alike. Since quite a number of teens suffer from this problem, high school and college teachers frequently assign this task to students studying psychology, social sciences, human behavior, law, and healthcare/nursing. What makes alcoholism particularly treacherous is the fact that it is a chronic disease which may cause premature death of individuals abusing it, unless their family, teachers, friends, or society at large help them recognize the issue before it's too late. According to the conducted studies, young people from the US start consuming alcohol at the age of 14, even though the legal drinking age for beer in this country is 18 years.

What is an alcoholism essay? As you may have guessed by now, this is a type of academic research paper which aims to discuss issues related to the consumption of alcoholic beverages, as well as potential treatment of alcoholics and other ways of solving the problem.

The most popular idea for alcoholism-related research papers is teen alcoholism. If this is the case with you, you should concentrate on exploring the causes & effects of the habit of using alcohol consumption among young adolescents as an example.

The reason why students have to write an alcoholism essay is that they need to understand the causes and effects of this bad habit. There are many categories this type of academic writing may fall into, including:

  • Definition essay.
  • Descriptive paper.
  • Argumentative essay.
  • Persuasive paper.
  • Cause & effect essay.
  • Compare & contrast analysis.
  • Critical analysis.
  • Research paper.

If you are a college or university student writing coursework or dissertation on alcoholism, your main task should be to discuss several factors contributing to alcohol abuse. For example, you may refer to the environmental factor, which centers around the alcoholic's family and their social status, or you can cite the genetic factor that explains a person's addiction to alcohol by one of their parents' excessive drinking habits. Either way, identifying the problem and listing the factors contributing to alcoholism will help you come up with a well-written essay.

What to Write about in Your Essay on Alcoholism?

Students often wonder what some of the good ideas for a research paper on alcoholism may be, so let's consider some of the most likely ones. In the United States, alcoholism is not a major health concern, but it is quite a problem among young adolescents, which may sometimes lead to domestic violence. Crime rates also depend on the level of alcohol consumption, which is why it is something worth considering when pondering a good topic. Alcohol-related deaths worldwide increase every year, so there is also a medical dimension to the alcoholism problem. Some alcoholics become so dependent on alcohol mentally and emotionally that they cannot drop this bad habit even though they realize the consequences. This constitutes a valid reason to refer to alcoholism as a psychological disorder and provides you with yet another idea to discuss in your essay. You can describe the reasons for abusing alcohol and its outcomes in a cause & effect paper with the following structure:

  • Title.
  • Introduction with a thesis.
  • Causes & effects of alcohol consumption.
  • Causes & effects of drug usage.
  • Conclusion with possible solutions.
  • Bibliography.

Alcohol is less dangerous than some drugs; still, the effects both of them cause are almost identical. It is, therefore, possible to write about the combined effect alcohol and drug consumption have on individuals in an alcoholism addiction essay for psychology.

Alcoholism Solution Essay

Describe some of the most effective alcohol abuse solutions by citing the most recent studies associated with the problem. State that an individual approach to each patent is required and propose an example of an individualized plan to get rid of the symptoms in the shortest possible time. Also, talk about detoxification of the organism, which is vitally important for individuals struggling with this problem. One of the most critical issues to describe in detail is the mind-body-spirit wellness method. For that, the student should conduct a research and suggest ways of emotional healing to those mentally dependent on this bad habit. Physical healing is an integral part of the treatment process, so be sure to mention it as well.

In the summary of an alcoholism essay of this type, you may want to provide some forecasts for the future and summarize the main points.

Argumentative Essay on Alcoholism

In this type of research paper, the author may be interested in covering one of the following issues:

  • The harmful outcomes of alcoholism.
  • Reasons why alcohol should be banned.
  • They should stop selling alcoholic beverages after 10 P.M.
  • What are the best ways of punishing for drunk driving?
  • Ways of punishing companies for producing life-threatening beverages.

Which Causes and Effects of Alcoholism Essay Topics to Choose?

  • The impact of alcohol on pregnant women.
  • The way social media ads influence people's drinking habits.
  • Alcohol-impaired driving.
  • Making decisions when you're sober vs. making decisions when you're drunk.
  • How does alcohol impact human self-esteem?

Top Alcoholism Psychology Essay Ideas

  • Mental disorders that can be caused by alcohol.
  • Psychotherapies for heavy drinkers.
  • Various methods of shedding addictions.
  • The correlation between alcohol consumption & drug abuse.
  • Male & female drinking patterns.

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