Writing a Case Study - Comprehensive Guide

While writing a case study, you develop your critical thinking, reading, and comprehension of a specific text, problem-solving, and decision making. A case study can appear in the form of a presentation or a written piece. Your analysis should include credible studies and research, which will lead to a proposed solution. Keep in mind that a great case must have solid evidence that will back up a thesis statement. Case studies help you investigate business strategies, its advantages, or a specific business problem.

In this article, we will identify key aspects this type of task should include, how to write it, its structure, and format. If you face any difficulties with writing a case study, place an order on our platform, and we will complete it on time.

Pre-writing Steps

No matter whether you have to write a case study, lab/business report, or a literature review - they are all different. However, they have something in common, and it's called a pre-writing procedure. Without it, you will spend an enormous amount of time on finishing your task. Don't commit the same mistake as many students are prone to do. Start with the following:

  • Identify the problem. Create a theory of the most crucial point for a specific company that lowers/increases its profits from a specific product, improves its outreach, etc.
  • Think of the causes of the problem. Define what caused these problems. It might be poor communication with clients or the wrong marketing strategy.
  • Create an outline. Include the main points in it. It will help you write a strong case study.
  • Analyze the problem. Try to explain why precisely this problem occurred. Consider strong supporting sentences to analyze the actions that led to this situation.
  • Propose solutions to the problem. Come up with new ways that would help you solve the problem. Identify the solution using credible sources.

The Main Steps of Writing a Case Study

In this task, you have to demonstrate the key problems of the given topic and present relevant facts to make your arguments look valid. To do that, you have to research a problem in detail. Persuasive facts underline the importance of the issue, and supporting evidence helps to resolve it. However, you can't just write this task and not follow a proper format. Otherwise, no matter how robust your study analysis is if you don't stick to the structure, your provided solid evidence won't be taken into account. As such, consider sticking to the outline before writing a case study:

Step one

During this step, you have to explain the significance of your piece, underline key problems that make your research paper important to the audience. You can also provide the reader with some background information on the given topic. It will help your audience get a clear picture of what subject you are going to analyze.

Once you do this, you have to include a thesis statement. Describe your case thoroughly in the thesis. Underline key aspects you will be developing in the following paragraphs. A thesis statement should be easy to read and concise.

After that, reveal your findings. A couple of sentences describing your results will help readers understand your major concept that leads to the best solution to the problem.

Step two

Whether you have to write business case studies or marketing case studies, you should highlight relevant and irrelevant alternatives. Remember to describe the reasons why you accepted one alternative and rejected others. To do that, you should conduct research and jot down weak and strong supporting evidence. You can also point out alternative solutions and state whether you think they would work or not. After you found all the necessary information, proceed to the next stage.

Step three

Highlight relevant facts of the problem, explain the viable factors that can help to solve this issue. A credible source must confirm an effective solution. Thus, consider adding a strong supporting and scholarly material to your argument.

Step four

Here, you have to discuss specific strategies that might lead to implementing your solutions from the former stage of the writing process. If you wish to create a great case study, your specific strategies have to be attainable and accurate. To make your content persuasive, identify two possible ways of resolving stated issues.

Step five

A successful case study must rely on specific and valid literature. Don't forget to insert quotations and statistics from various sources at the end of your study research. For instance, if you are assigned to complete a marketing case study, you can include social media posts of prestigious companies.

These are the fundamental recommendations on what a study analysis requires. However, you can format a case study by including some subpoints to the mentioned outline. If you have a specific topic and don't know how to write an outline, contact us, and we will provide you with complete help.

Types of Case Studies

Before you start writing a case study, decide which type is the best for you. Usually, professors don't pay any attention to the style of case research. They don't require using a specific type of it. However, knowing the main kinds will help you write a case project that will meet all the requirements, structure, and format.

Cumulative type

If you need to aggregate information from different sites, this type is the best for you. If your course readings and sources that you found yourself were published at a different time, you can use cumulative type.

Exploratory type

If you aspire to describe a subject fully, this format is for you. Here, you just rely on your initial findings that you consider strong enough to reveal the topic entirely.


To put it simply, illustrative case studies aim to uncover possible topics that can be unfamiliar to the readers. It is like the previous type when you stick to one shred of evidence and develop it.

Critical instance

In case you have to include the cause and effect questions in your writing, choosing the critical type is the most suitable option for you. The information you provide here aims to examine a situation in great detail. Your study analysis focuses on specific, not general questions. Such an analysis involves examining outside research to challenge highly generalized statements.

Task Format

Needless to say, the format of a case study analysis plays a pivotal role and has a strong impact on your grade. Every educational institution sets its citation style. Before you begin writing your essay/story/paper, don't forget to clarify the required citation format.

Make a list of sources you used during the writing process. You can look at case study examples to see how a relevant citation piece looks. For instance, don't forget to include the title of work, author's credentials, publication year and place, pages you used.


If you have to write a case study, be sure that your professor will expect an outline. When it comes to the writing process, make your outline unique. Don't tweak the final draft until it is completely transformed. Make a list with short notes. These notes highlight the focal point of your analysis.

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Here, you can find an example of an outline:

  1. Introduction. Briefly describe the case and its significance. Then mention the used literature and write a thesis statement summarizing the purpose of your research.
  2. Body. Starting with a topic sentence, you present data and your assessment with robust arguments using supporting sentences from the thesis.
  3. Conclusion. Wrap up the arguments, remind about the thesis, and state the findings of your examination. Include a concluding statement or call to action.
  4. Works Cited. Don't forget to review the literature you relied on when conducting research. Every source should possess short comments.

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