How to Write a Qualitative Research Paper — Professional Guide

Posted on Jun 24, 2019

The qualitative research paper is one of the most popular assignments students have to deal with on a regular basis. Though such papers are written in a wide range of disciplines, not every student knows what the qualitative research paper is comprised of, so they will find quite a few helpful tips in our article.

What Is a Qualitative Research Paper — Clear Definition

Before writing a qualitative research paper, you need to understand what the qualitative research paper is and how it is different from the quantitative research paper. We will gladly provide you with extensive instructions! It is self-evident that the qualitative research paper, which uses qualitative research methods, refers to empirical evidence, interviews, and theoretical research. It may seem to you that the qualitative research paper is not as 'scientific' as the qualitative research one, but, in fact, it is very wrong to perceive things this way. Actually, the qualitative research paper establishes a theoretical framework for the quantitative research paper, which is then tested, and the results of such testing are introduced in quantitative research.

Exploring Parts of a Qualitative Research Paper

The structure of the qualitative essay paper is more or less typical, save for some minor peculiarities. If your writing is longer than four pages, it is highly recommended that you come up with an abstract followed by an introduction paragraph, body paragraphs (typically three) and a concluding paragraph.

Good Introduction to a Qualitative Research Paper

The introductory paragraph is what your readers will see first, which is why it is crucial that you make it an excellent one. Your qualitative research paper introduction ought to start with an attention getter, and then introduce the content of the body paragraphs (it may be certain theories on a particular issue, arguments proving your thesis, or different aspects of a description).

Qualitative Research Paper Body

As stated above, a typical qualitative essay will have three paragraphs, so pay close attention to their formatting, since this is where all or the majority of your citations go to. Each one of your arguments should be introduced in a separate section, and if your paper is pretty long, you should come up with titles for each of those sections. The argument sections are typically ten sentences long and contain transition words and phrases showing the connection between the body paragraphs. Keep in mind that the body paragraphs should look like a complete piece, and not a collection of randomly put-together and unrelated sentences. Your last transition construction ought to connect the body to the conclusion of the paper.

Conclusion of a Qualitative Research Paper

If you have done this while working on other academic papers, you will easily understand how to write the conclusion of a qualitative research paper. Do not forget to restate your thesis and briefly address the content of each one of your body paragraphs, finishing with a strong conclusion that will reflect the results you have achieved.

Qualitative Research Paper Format Features

A typically formatted qualitative paper is an APA qualitative research paper, though this may be different in some instances and sometimes depend on the subject. If you are writing a qualitative paper in humanities, the chances are that you may be assigned to format your paper following MLA guidelines. In any case, carefully study your professor's requirements and make sure you format your paper by the assignment's instructions.

Simple Qualitative Research Paper Outline Example

They say that a picture is worth a thousand words, so let's take a look at what the qualitative research paper's outline may look like:

  1. Introduction
    • Introducing the subject;
    • Stating the thesis;
    • Mentioning the arguments to support the thesis.
  2. Body
    • Argument 1;
    • Argument 2;
    • Argument 3;
    • Argument 4;
    • Addressing typical arguments of the opponents;
    • Rejecting typical arguments of the opponents by referring to factual or empirical evidence.
  3. Conclusion
    • Restating the thesis;
    • Summing up the arguments, typical arguments of the opponents and the justification of their invalidity;
    • Conclusion and recommendations for further research.

Once again, do not forget that differences may sometimes be major.

Best Qualitative Research Paper Topics

The feedback we've been getting from our clients suggests that in many instances the choice of the topic for the qualitative essay is left to the student. On the one hand, it makes things a lot easier, allowing the student to choose a topic of their interest, but ut on the other, such a freedom is not very good for those of them who are making their first steps in academic writing. Such students do not have a perfect idea of what a topic ought to be like, and thus they are not very good at creating their own topics. As a result, their professors are not happy with their choice, blaming them for exploiting old and heavily researched topics that lack originality. But is it always the student's fault? Not really. Our task is to help such students by offering them a few diverse topics from various fields of research to help them gain a clear understanding of how to develop a qualitative essay topic. Even if you still cannot come up with a topic of your own, you may use one of the below issues to write your essay:

  • Children and military service: An installment of patriotism or ruined lives?
  • Is there any condition that can justify committing a crime? What should be the punishment then?
  • Has official marriage become a leftover from the past? What legislative amendments need to be approved to address this social change properly?
  • Global warming — an inevitable human-made disaster or an attempt to manipulate facts?
  • To what degree are fast food restaurants responsible for obesity growth in some developed countries?
  • Feminism has outlived itself. Modern women have equal rights with men.
  • Are there categories of citizens who should not have the right to vote?
  • Do social media interfere with the proper development of children's social skills?
  • How dangerous is noise pollution?
  • Is there a way to overcome corruption at the state level?

Now, these are but a few topics you may choose or derive your inspiration from. We do hope that you found this article helpful and that you are now able to write the qualitative essay paper and even create your own topic for such a paper. But just in case you still do not feel quite ready, we are always there to extend you a helping hand. Please, keep in mind that whenever you need a correctly written qualitative research paper, you can count on us at all times. Contact our support team, and we'll be happy to help you place your order and find the best professional writer to work on your essay. Try it once, and you'll love it so much you'll remain our client for the remainder of your time in college or university. The majority of our customers do.