Powerpoint Presentation - Create Great Slides with Our Tips

One of the most exciting tasks you may get at your college or a university is a PowerPoint presentation. It includes not only textual content but also different visuals. You need to organize your presentation in the most appealing way to make the audience involved in what you are talking about.

You may already know some basics of creating simple slides. If not, it's easily fixable!

How to Create a PowerPoint Presentation?

First, you need to pick a theme. You may choose a color for your slides from the variations already available or create a new one. Then, insert new slides. In each of them, add text to the headline and the text placeholder below. You can choose text formatting and change the color, outline, and effects. After that, add visuals. You can insert both your own images and videos or the ones found in the library of images on the web. Graphics and illustrations will add a visual appeal to your PPT. You can also add shapes to illustrate your slide. To avoid cramming your slides with too much info, you can put useful figures and notes in the special section below the slide to refer to the notes when needed.

But to achieve a certain level of professionalism, you need to know the tips on crafting a top-notch file. As an academic writing company that has been creating presentations for students for years, we know what it takes to make an impressive set of slides, and want you to know it too.

10 PowerPoint Presentation Tips

Coming up with your big idea for a speech is only the first step to creating a powerful PPT. You need a lot of time spent giving it a touch of professionalism to convince your audience you've worked it out and to convey your ideas without any distractions. Be sure to use the following tips, and your presentation will become a real masterpiece!

1. Keep your goal in mind

Depending on the main purpose of your speech, you might need to entertain your audience, persuade them, or just tell about a concept or an idea. So, make sure you know your audience and what they expect to hear from you. That will aid you in selecting the best speaking style and manner to choose as well as what content will be most suitable for them.

2. Make your PPT theme consistent

To make the text and images in your PPT go well with each other and make sure your PowerPoint presentation design catches an eye at first glance, choose a theme that would add a unique look to your slides. There are installed PowerPoint themes, but you may also create your custom slide designs. In any case, make sure that the theme is not too striking. You don't want your background to distract from your message, right?

3. Concentrate on visual rather than textual slide content

Images are perceived much better than loads of even the most interesting text. That means you need to reduce textual content as much as possible. Use a large image along with a small list with bullet points. That will not distract your target audience from your main idea.

4. Don't overdo it with effects

Spinning images do make presentations impressive, but such effects refocus the audience's attention from the message you hope to convey. Opt for simple transitions and clear fonts rather than distracting PowerPoint tricks. That will make your PPT more professional, and your message will be more powerful.

5. Make use of the 2/4/8 ratio

It is a useful pattern that helps create clean and powerful slides. 2 stands for minutes, which are the maximum for every slide, 4 is points for each slide, 8 — for the maximum number of words that is the best to use for one bullet.

6. Mind the resolution

If you want to successfully show your presentation on a screen of any resolution, make sure the whole text and graphics in your PowerPoint slides make no more than 95% of the space. If not, your info in the PPT may turn out a bit messy.

7. Minimize the number of slides

A safe way to guarantee success is maintaining a single clear message. To achieve that, use a minimum number of slides. The audience will be able to focus on one argument and won't need to switch from one idea to another quickly.

8. Opt for a comfortable-for-audience font

Your audience will probably sit in a certain distance from the screen. That is why it is recommended to choose a font size of 30 or bigger to let everybody see the slides.

9. Check spelling and grammar

It may be an unpleasant situation when someone finds an error in your text. That will successfully distract them from your speech and create a reputation of a sloppy presenter for yourself. To make your audience see that your PPT is well-prepared, make sure you've eliminated all mistakes from your text.

10. Search for the presentation examples

You can use SlideShare and other sources to find great examples of PPT on the chosen topic. Check out the works that got thousands of views on the platform and take note. You can also emulate the best parts from the works of other people to improve your own work.

How to Get Your PPT Done Easily

If you feel you don't want to delve in all the aspects of creating a great PPT or just lack time, there is a great way to let yourself not be bothered about the task. You may get your slides done by professionals in the field if you turn to our company. Our writers have created lots of presentations on different subjects. That is why they can create a top-notch custom PowerPoint presentation regardless of the topic, complexity, and deadlines. All you need is to specify the details of what you wish to see in your PPT. Then, our proficient writers will do the rest for you and end up with a visually appealing PPT. Using PowerPoint presentation tips to create your own breathtaking PPT or relying on professionals — the choice is up to you!