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If you were assigned a PowerPoint presentation, you are lucky. Presenting slides is fun and can increase your average grade. On the other hand, you should create a PPT that will be appealing, informative, and enthralling for the audience. And to do that, you need to spend plenty of time on each and every slide making it coherent and understandable. If you don't have time to create a new presentation, we are the team of expert writers who can complete any academic task at any academic level. Using the cutting edge software and excellent tools, we guarantee that our PowerPoint presentation online service is capable of everything.

Already decided to make a PPT yourself, but don't know how to get started? Have a glance at our guide, where we have collected the most important aspects to include in your talk.

The Pre-writing Process

First and foremost, you should acknowledge what you are going to talk about before creating a new presentation. It will help you think of the color of your slides. Keep in mind that creating a PowerPoint presentation differs from writing an essay significantly. In your PPT, you have a minimum word count, and you can't copy and paste the entire text. Here, you have to conduct research, writing down crucial information regarding a specific topic. However, do that in a separate file, download it to a desktop, take some essential facts from it, and include it in your PPT.

Once you find all the necessary sources, think of the visuals you will add to your slides. Yes, PowerPoint offers a wide array of visuals by default, so you don't have to spend time looking for specific pictures on the web browser. You are free to present some photos or videos made by you to the audience. Remember that if you aspire to show personal files to others, your visual PowerPoint files need to be of great quality. For instance, if you have a video recorded by your mobile device, check its quality on your PC. Sometimes, PowerPoint creates problems with the resolution, so check your video twice.

Now that you understand the files and the information you will insert into your demonstration, you can proceed to the next steps of creating and then sharing your brand new file.

Best Tips from Our PowerPoint Presentation Online Service

To reduce your time spent on making this type of task, we have gathered top-notch tips to help you with your writing process. You are free to benefit from these tips while using either an online PowerPoint presentation app or an offline one. However, we would recommend you to stick to PowerPoint online as most people prefer this one.

Don't forget the purpose of your PPT

Taking into account that your PowerPoint has to be presented by you, you have to start explaining your work the moment you start a presentation. Yes, it is challenging to share PowerPoint presentations and talk simultaneously. However, it is vital to entertain the listeners and explain the crucial points to them. To broadcast your work and make it successful, remember the purpose of your demonstration, and avoid talking about things unrelated to your online presentation.

Visual over textual slide content

Under no circumstances should you attach plenty of text to your slide. Visual content is perceived more effectively than the text. Having lots of experience in assisting students, we have observed that many graduates tend to start a slide with loads of text. Dozens of them had so many words that half of the text disappeared when they opened a slide show option.

Instead, create a bullet point list and include summarized information regarding the topic. When presenting it, go from point to point, explaining what they mean, providing different examples, and answering the questions if needed.

Mind the effects

High-quality images make things compelling and beautiful, but if you overdo with pictures, the audience's attention will evaporate. They will focus on excessively bright and wonderful images and won't listen to you. Opt for a simple view of your slides, don't exaggerate with transitions and fonts. If you intend to make your PowerPoint from scratch and don't want to rely on free online Microsoft office stencils, make sure your colors match your image and written text.

Apart from that, it is also essential to ask yourself a question, "If I were in my listeners' shoes, would I be able to see all the information on the slides from a specific distance?" If you choose a font size of 19, be sure that people from the back won't see anything. Consider increasing the font size to 30 to make your slides easily visible to the audience.

Reduce the number of slides

Your listeners don't want to click a lot. The more they click, the more bored they become. A single slide has to share a clear message. Don't make your demo tedious by adding 45 slides. If you want your viewers to learn something, up to 20 slides will be more than enough. You should link some additional web resources at the end of your PPT, so they can open them afterward.

Proofread your PPT

Any typos, misspellings, and grammatical errors will have a detrimental impact on your PPT. Picture a situation when the floor is yours; you are presenting, and see that every viewer is looking at one word because it has a mistake. Without a doubt, you will feel uncomfortable. That is why it is always good to collaborate with someone who can edit your file before the presentation. Don't have anyone to check your presentation? By typing "PowerPoint presentation online" on the web, you will see what our service offers. We can proofread, edit, and plagiarism check your piece.

The referencing page

At the end of your show, make sure you include a bibliography to demonstrate sources you used to design this demo. When composing the last slide, you have to write down every source you took the information from. Be it a page found with a Google search or a textbook borrowed from the library, you should attach it. You can easily find examples of such presentations online.

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