Book Report Writing Guide for Students

Many students confuse reports with reviews. They wonder when a plot summary alone is enough and when it is necessary not only to summarize the story but add critical analysis of the piece. The fact that you only have to provide a summary in case of a good book report makes this type of academic writing look simple at first sight. However, some stories are too long and boring to make it to the end.

Students share that they hate books about war and life dramas. It seems boring to them to cope with a hundreds-pages story. Many young people find various ways out, including watching a movie based on an original story or paraphrasing the articles from the web. Both of these methods may lead you to a low or even failing grade. We will explain why.

Effective book reports are never based on films. In most situations, movie directors cut many scenes, adding some new characters and replacing entire episodes with their own vision. Any tutor will easily tell whether a book report you prepared is based on the source or motion picture. It is not easy to trick modern teachers.

As for the second option, rewriting the basic information or complete character analysis is risky as your tutor may detect plagiarism using the latest software. There is plenty of apps available on the Internet today that scan texts for duplicate content. You should use them as well before submitting your assignment. If a teacher finds a sentence similar to the one present in one of the online book reports, you will probably get detention or failing grade for plagiarism.

So, do you have to prepare a book summary on a famous novel like "To Kill a Mockingbird" or a war story like "War and Peace?" Are you having a difficult time doing that? We want to tell you more about this genre of writing. You can also attend various online writing courses to master this art or ask a team of professional authors to come up with a review for you - learn more about the options!

What Is a Book Report?

A book report is an informative paper which briefly retells the main events of the specific story and major lessons. This assignment is similar to the review, with some major differences. If you have to prepare a review, you should summarize the book first, and share personal opinion and impressions after that. Except for the mentioned, you also have to offer a critical analysis of the piece. Both of these tasks are common assignments of the college level, and you should make sure that your paper is of the top quality and corresponds to the original story to get an A.

You write a report to share a summary of the main points/events. You should sound as objective as possible. Do not involve subjective ideas in your report - leave them for a book review. You may add a brief analysis after the summary of literary work. However, do not go much into detail like your emotions and impressions from the characters or particular episodes.

A length of a typical book summary ranges from 250-500 words. The main skills that such assignments train include:

  • Communication
  • Reading and comprehension
  • Critical thinking
  • Analysis
  • Research
  • Writing

Finally, a student who joins the book report writing club improves their knowledge of the most distinguished literary works of the world. Also, such experience may be useful in dealing with business projects. When you have to prepare a company marketing analysis in the future, for example, you will have to summarize your sales data, and it somehow reminds experts of writing a book report.

Your current goal is to impress your instructor. Thus, we should keep on exploring the nature of this assignment.

Integral Components of a Book Report

Every book report has the same elements. You should provide a summary of the plot in chronological order. The major components that you should recall in the introduction include:

  • The full title of the original piece
  • Author's name and last name
  • Setting (where and when the story takes place)
  • Main character description
  • Problems faced by the heroes and how they managed to solve them
  • Thesis statement (remember to highlight one central point)

As your paper should not exceed three body paragraphs, you should think carefully about an outline and how to divide the sections. Starting the report with a quote from a story is the best idea. It will be your hook sentence. You may choose a quote of the author or a quotation from a book that reflects the main idea or wisdom (a message sent to a reader) to support your opinions.

We have listed the elements that should appear in the introduction to present a story to the audience. You should also include three main components of book report writing in the body paragraphs. They are:

  1. Plot summary (main content)
  2. Theme analysis
  3. Character analysis

Sometimes, you may have to write a book report to discuss your favorite story (those are the times when your tutor allows choosing the topic). Still, try to pick books that are proven literary masterpieces. You can choose something written by Pete Hautman or famous "The Red Badge of Courage" loved by many teens. What if you find this assignment difficult no matter which story you have to analyze?

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