Research Paper Writing — 5 Steps to Getting an A+

If you are studying in college, they will definitely assign you research paper writing. This type of academic assignment aims at enhancing your analytical and writing abilities. The task may be really exciting if you find a topic of interest. Also, many students are inspired by the fact they can contribute their research to the existent studies of other people. But there are always certain academic standards that require limiting your blue-sky thinking and taking into account the common requirements for such written works. Still, it doesn't prevent you from making a unique and compelling piece of writing. Now, let's see how to write a paper that will bring you the best results.

5 Pillars of Good Research Paper Writing

To create a good work that deserves a good grade, you have to consider 5 necessary elements.

1. Picking a researchable topic

Finding a good topic is probably one of the hardest parts of making a research paper. If you are striving to create a great manuscript that would appeal to the reader is to be genuinely interested in what you write about. To find such a theme, organize a small brainstorming session for yourself and note some ideas that may be developed into a topic for your research work. Then, when you choose one of them, try to pose this topic as a question that needs to be answered or an issue that needs a solution. If you're uncertain about an issue to explore, you can get a helping hand from your instructor or your classmates.

Make sure there's enough info available on the topic. If it is very specific or too new to have enough data at the moment, there is a risk of finding an insufficient amount of data to expand your theme. So better choose topics that are listed among the most popular themes for research papers.

2. Collecting data

If you decided what topic you want to delve in, it's high time to start the search of sources with relevant data. To define what works you need, you have first to choose the methodology for a research. Depending on it, you will deal with primary sources (speeches, interviews, etc.) or secondary ones (journal articles, newspapers, etc.).

3. Making an outline

Here, you need to dot down a powerful and succinct thesis statement to be the main argument of your written work. Also, indicate why your topic is significant and what background information you want to include in the writing. Then, make a brief research paper outline. It will help make the writing step by step and not omit any important detail.

4. Writing stage

Now, it's time to build your document around the points you've made during the investigation phase. At the same time, bear in mind the standard structure of research paper writing.

  1. Introduction
    In a research paper introduction, you ought to provide background info to create a context for your discussion and a thesis statement, the main idea of your manuscript. Also, the introduction in a research paper should tell about the purpose of your investigation and engage the reader to keep going on.
  2. Main body
    This is where you need to create an engaging discussion and harmoniously integrate your sources into the text. Make sure not to just report them, but to examine and evaluate the published works.
  3. Conclusion
    Here, you need to summarize your results and highlight the significance of your research once more. Also, you may suggest the direction for further investigation of your topic.
  4. Revising the text
    Writing of the very text is only half of the story as the manuscript also needs proper formatting and several revisions. So make sure your work is well-organized as a whole and your thoughts are laid out coherently and clearly. At the paragraph level, check if the transitions between body paragraphs and ideas within them are going in a logical sequence. At the sentence level, make sure you've eliminated all the mistakes. In the end, check the formatting style and whether you've referred to all the works you've used in your paper.

Additional Tips on Crafting a Good Paper

Apart from finding a good topic, doing thorough research, and following the standard structure of your paper, what you also need to succeed is taking into account a few extra tips.

  1. Individual instructors may vary in their expectations of your research paper. So a tip is to carefully examine their requirements before writing your document.
  2. Try to calculate the estimated time for each of the steps to manage the time you need to do your task.
  3. Make use of the tables and illustrations with interesting and relevant data and figures. They will turn your dull written work into a well-grounded and persuasive one.
  4. There are no commonly accepted standards for such a work in electronic form yet. Still, if you have to submit your paper in such a format, it is better to turn to your instructor for guidelines.
  5. When examining the topic, try to categorize your sources with data. It helps make the researching process systematic and support a thesis for a paper in the most proper way.

Professional Writers Will Get Your Back

Over time, you will definitely find your way to crafting great works in your own style. But to make a worthy piece of writing, you ought to follow the standard recommendations. This way, you will adhere to strict academic requirements and get no negative feedback from the dissertation committee. If everything is done right, your work will not only get a good mark but also enable you to learn a lot about an interesting topic along the way.

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