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If you need to write a thesis paper, you must be approaching the end of your Bachelor's or Master's studies. This type of assignment tends to be the final work of your course. Its primary idea is to show your ability to conduct research and process information from different sources. Even though you will have a supervisor who will check your paper, you are the only one who will be involved in the writing process.

Before writing a thesis paper, you have to find out the purpose of your future research paper. You have to analyze what you are interested in while choosing a topic. If you pick something that does your head in, be sure that you will have a weak paper that won't impress the reader. As a result, your grade won't be satisfying.

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Writing a Thesis Paper - Independent Work

When you were in high school, you used to get assignments with detailed instructions, such as topic, five paragraph structure, length, word count. You don't have a defined word limit while writing a thesis paper. Your work can have 40 or 60 pages of the main content. The style of your paper must be formal, and your essay should include the results of your research process. There also might be additional requirements depending on your college or university. It is smarter to ask your educational institution committee about the possible structure before you start writing a research paper and then your statement.

Even though it is an independent work, you have to work on it throughout two semesters, you should frequently show your progress to a supervisor. Keep in mind that working on a strong thesis is an intellectually demanding activity. You can't finish it two days before the due date set by your professor. And no tips will help you with that.

Since it is an autonomous work, you have to work out topics relevant to your BA/MA seminars. Once you narrow down the list, you have to decide which question is the best for your research paper writing. To pick the best topic that will help you write a good thesis paper, complete this process:

  • To every subject of study, find strong and clear scholarly sources that will serve as the background material for your paper. The more you find, the better. The main point is to make your work look sound and credible.
  • Consult your instructors. Even though you have to create your paper on your own, it is always good to ask your professors for advice. The opinion you get is important and can influence your choice.
  • Brainstorm with your colleagues. A group of students can come up with the main idea for your work rapidly. This collaboration is vital when making a discussion section. After presenting your every argument to your friends, the following questions from them will help in developing a thesis. And being able to answer every question increases your chances to ace the submission of your work.

Once you accomplish these steps, you will see that your assignment's main goal is to reveal the significance of a specific field. You have to think of the most crucial argument to present in your thesis statement. Don't confuse this task with a thesis statement. The first one is the final work you complete aiming to finish your degree. In contrast, the second one comprises arguments that you will rely on once you start writing the assignment. The first one can't exist without the second. However, a statement is present in every essay, not only in this type of assignment.

Outline of Thesis Paper Writing

In no way will you miss any essential point of your work while writing it. Your supervisor will provide you with an example of a written piece. You only have to focus on your content and be objective, demonstrate shreds of credible evidence for your arguments.

Plus, do not forget to be original when it comes to the topic of your work. Every sentence of your written piece has to be coherent and impeccable. And that is the primary reason why you have to submit your work chapter by chapter. To ease your writing, look at how your work should be composed:

  • Introduction. The first paragraph of your work. Present your topic and some background information.
  • Thesis statement. Express one focal argument at the end of an introductory paragraph.
  • Literature review. Mention the list of contributing sources and add short annotations.
  • Abstract. A summary of research articles. It helps readers to understand the purpose of the paper.
  • Methods. Qualitative or quantitative.
  • Findings. Describe your outcomes after the conducted research.
  • The discussion section. Here, you infuse your results with meaning.
  • Bibliography. List all the resources you have used in your work.

Decide which type of thesis statement you need to choose. The second position has two different types - argumentative thesis and explanatory one. The latter aims to present the subject to the audience. It is straightforward and doesn't have to be defended. And the former is a claim; this type of thesis might be refuted by the reader. Students need thesis statements to be relevant to the topic.

Apart from that, avoid writing personal statements in your work. This text should sound formal. Personal statements can be included in your first draft. However, make sure you change the tone of your work before sending it to your supervisor. Otherwise, your professor will ask you to fix it and send your revised thesis back again.

Types of Thesis Papers

While writing a thesis paper, make sure you picked the fitting type. Theses can be:


It is the most fundamental type. You can find it everywhere, as its goal is to explain a topic to the reader. If your task has to be related to college writing standards, this type will fit.


If your major is in mathematics and science, make sure that you stick to this type when writing a thesis paper. That is because you will reveal the topic in more detail. The structure slightly differs from the aforementioned one because here, the data needs to be analyzed.


Every university writing guide states that this is the most balanced type of task. Here, you present your arguments on the issue, and by rigorous research, justify your opinion, providing solid academic sources.

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