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Before writing any assignment, it is important to define its meaning and purposes. An MA thesis is called a piece of unique scholarship created under the supervision of a university professor. You should not blindly follow your supervisor. This is a paper that has to demonstrate your in-depth knowledge of the chosen topic.

Many people confuse dissertations and theses. The structure of these two is similar, while the purposes vary. These documents are written closer to the end of the higher education to prove that a student deserves a degree, but a thesis is shorter than a dissertation. One has to publish an MA thesis as a single publication. A dissertation can include no less than 3-4 professional articles.

It is up to the candidate to decide whether to prepare a thesis or bibliographic essay. It should be something that will contribute to the study of the existing problem or question. Theses should appear as a response to a debate in the literature, and it must offer new supporting evidence, arguments, and examples to bear upon the theme. At the lower levels, students may want to prepare a bachelor's thesis.

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Appropriate Length and Topic for Your Project

While the length of the dissertation can be more than 100 pages, a thesis should fall between the interval of 40-80 pages (less bibliographic section). The final volume is predetermined by the complexity of the topic and questions covered. The methodology also plays a great role. If you are not sure how many pages and words your work has to contain, ask the committee of your university to provide specific requirements.

Most of the students have to submit this work over two semesters. It can be the last stage of obtaining your MA degree in some situations, and you should be ready with this project at any time. This assignment is always intellectually stimulating. Though writing a thesis paper does not always require the defense, unlike a dissertation, be prepared to answer any possible questions of the committee.

To decide on the length and many other aspects, one has to define the topic. When the program and specific course begins, start putting down different ideas on a separate piece of paper. Closer to the beginning of your work, pick one of the ideas to formulate a topic. There are many ways to select a topic for a research paper or thesis. Here are some of the most valuable and effective tips:

  • Put down the ideas during the lectures
  • Brainstorm with other students
  • Keep in mind that great topics have origins in seminar notes or class discussions
  • Save the piece with ideas somewhere
  • Keep in touch with any changes in social media and news
  • Look out for new data and information
  • Analyze other successful research projects
  • Consult your professors

The main goal is to collect new insights into a chosen field. Once you are done with topic selection, try to determine the main argument and flow your thesis will expand on.

It's obvious, but we'd like to remind you about the difference between writing a thesis paper and a thesis statement. The first one is a separate document you write for your MA degree program, while the second one is the main argument of the entire research made of 1-2 sentences.

Writing a Thesis Paper - Expert Requirements and Recommendations

Unlike many other academic papers, writing a thesis paper requires supervisors. The examiners will only grade your work, and they should be objective and fair, so you cannot rely on their mentorship. You should look for a faculty member who is willing to be your personal consultant, but be aware that they all search for the unique ideas from the candidate's side. The faculty can provide you an important follow-through to finish your draft. A committee that will evaluate your work involves two examiners or three faculty members.

When working on your task, refer to your supervisor, who will lead you all the way through and help with the complicated parts of preparation. Keep them updated with the status of your assignment and any difficulties. Study every page you write to know what to answer to the board when they ask you some questions related to your project. If you buy a thesis online, read it several times and consult your writer. The primary goal is to obtain a high score and get the project approved at the stage of its oral defense.

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Parts of the Thesis to Include in Your Work

The members of the committee will expect to get the full document from you. You should not miss a single recommended part of your project: from an intro to a bibliography.

It takes less time and effort to craft a thesis when compared to a dissertation. However, you should not relax - here are the chapters to compose.

  • Introduction
    Present the topic and the target audience.
  • Thesis statement
    Craft the main argument.
  • Literature review
    The list of contributing sources with short annotations.
  • Abstract
    150-300 words just to encourage the readers.
  • Methods
    Qualitative or quantitative - based on the data.
  • Results
    AKA findings or outcomes.
  • The discussion section
    With the clearly interpreted results and conclusions.
  • Bibliography, glossary, and appendices (optional)

Each time you insert a citation needed, provide a reference. A corresponding entry should appear in the bibliographic list in the section after the conclusions of your study.

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