Catch 60 Interesting Criminology Research Topics - Make Your Paper Flawless

Posted on Jun 11, 2019

Are you studying in law school? Then you've most likely had to come to grips with different criminology research topics on more than one occasion throughout your study course. Such assignments are meant to help students learn their r rights, provide them with information on how to defend themselves in various dangerous situations and teach them how to investigate different types of crimes.

The primary question to answer before you embark on the criminology research paper is: "What is a criminology research paper?" According to the standard definition, this is a type of college academic assignment which aims to assess the student's research and writing skills as well as their knowledge of various criminology research topics. The process of research is a must: even if a student knows the topic perfectly, they need to support every argument with credible and up-to-date sources, such as class textbooks, academic journals, scholarly articles, and trustworthy websites. Make sure to include information from the recently published sources which are no older than 5 years, unless otherwise specified in your teacher's requirements.

Structure-wise, your criminology research paper should comprise the following sections: a cover page, abstract, intro, methods, results, discussion, conclusion, literature review, and appendices. It is also a good idea to prepare a research paper outline based on your criminology research paper topics and follow it to keep track of your writing progress.

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Now that we have considered the basics, let's check out the list of research topics in criminology and criminal justice that we have prepared for you.

How about Exploring Some Criminology Research Topics?

To keep things simple and straightforward, we divided the criminology research paper topics into several different categories of the criminology course. Brainstorm them with your friends or tutor to come up with the most interesting question that will be relevant to your community. We recommend that you focus only on the hottest issues to grab your reader's attention and make your essay worth reading.

10 Drug Research Topics

  1. Health consequences of the misuse of medicine.
  2. College-age and young adults in criminology.
  3. Measures to prevent drug use and sales.
  4. Substance abuse in the military.
  5. Women & drugs.
  6. Factors that motivate teens to start taking drugs.
  7. What the right punishment for drug dealers should be like.
  8. Ways in which police can control the drug situation.
  9. Public authorities help individuals selling drugs.
  10. Different types of drugs & how they affect the users.

10 Terrorism Questions

  1. Encouraging public resilience to terrorism.
  2. Counter-terrorism and the human rights concept.
  3. National terrorism prevention programs in the United States.
  4. National arrest & conviction records.
  5. The effect of an economic crisis on global terrorism.
  6. Terrorist audiences & feedback.
  7. Civil society and counter-terrorism.
  8. International prosecution of terrorists.
  9. Effective approaches to defining and countering terrorist movements on the web.
  10. Freedom of speech & terrorism: the correlation.

10 Sex Crimes Essay Ideas

  1. Reasons for the increase in sex crimes.
  2. The role of pornography in the growth of violent crimes.
  3. Pornography & sex crime issues.
  4. The problem of sexual abuse in the United States.
  5. Breaking the cycle of sexual abuse.
  6. The ways to prosecute sexual abusers.
  7. The causes of female and child trafficking.
  8. Domestic violence and its consequences.
  9. The prevalence and analysis of sex crimes.
  10. Different types of sex crimes.

10 Good Criminology Research Topics

  1. Neighborhoods & crime.
  2. Different criminal justice theories.
  3. The impact of social status on offense.
  4. Labeling and symbolic interaction theories.
  5. Drug Abuse Warning Network (DAWN).
  6. Quantitative Criminology.
  7. Drugs & the criminal justice system.
  8. The impact of the social media on the rise of crime rate.
  9. The role of criminal justice in public health.
  10. Jobs in the field of criminal justice.

10 Popular Crimes Essay Problems

  1. At-risk population in the US.
  2. The correlation between age and sex crimes.
  3. The impact of alcohol on sex crimes.
  4. Ways of responding to sexual harassment.
  5. Sexual harassment in the workplace.
  6. Victims of sexual harassment.
  7. Factors that contribute to sex crimes in Canada.
  8. Mental and physical help for crime victims.
  9. The role of government in the prevention of sex crimes.
  10. Sex crimes and murders.

10 Police Research Topics

  1. Functions of Smart Held Devices for security personnel.
  2. Policy frameworks for construction - industry reform.
  3. National defense in the United States.
  4. Ways of proving your innocence to the judge in particular cases.
  5. Duties of a personal lawyer.
  6. Comparing the working hours of police officers and teachers.
  7. Data required to validate psychometric examinations.
  8. Stress prevention in police work.
  9. Law interception & cloud communications.
  10. Evaluation of the capacity development plan for police.

Now that you have a full list of criminology research topics, it is up to you to decide what to discuss. Keep in mind, though, that it is better to avoid sensitive topics or such that lack relevant information. Also, try to analyze the issue in-depth using the latest materials found on the web or, if it's too difficult for you, seek professional help. Whatever your choice may be, remember - our writers have access to all kinds of sources, so you will not have to worry about the quality of citations and references.