Essays about Sports and Their Variety

Posted on Jul 05, 2019

As with the majority of essays, sports essays are divided into several types. To write well, you should orient in writing types and understand the primary purposes for each of them. Before we move on any further, it's crucial that we consider the most popular categories of sports college essays.

Writing a Classification Essay On Sports

Just like any other classification essay, classification essays on sports presupposes a classification of certain phenomena or personalities. When writing this kind of essay, you are to suggest criteria according to which objects, characters or phenomena will be classified.

Sports Classification Essays Topics for Your Consideration

Let's consider a few examples of good topics for such essays:

  • Classification of summer Olympic sports.
  • Analyzing and classifying effects steroids have on the athlete's performance.
  • Classifying diets recommended for different types of athletes.
  • Classification of physical exercises for general training of football athletes.
  • Types of clothes for athletes and their influence upon their performance.
  • Sports and their development in ancient Egypt, Greece, China, and Rome.
  • Analyzing and classifying modern technologies in modern sports.
  • Different types of motivation for doing extreme sports and classification thereof.
  • Classification of injuries caused by different kinds of sports.
  • Classifying gender-restricted sports.

Composing Narrative Essays about Sports

When dealing with this kind of essay, the writer is meant to discuss a particular phenomenon or personality related to sports. However, coming up with a topic for such a paper may prove to be quite a challenge, so if you are now working on your sports narrative essay, you may consider using the list of topics we've developed.

List of Sports Narrative Essays Topics

  • The changing role of female athletes throughout the history of Olympic sports
  • The role of sports during the Soviet period: sports as an obligation, sports as a punishment, sports as a propaganda tool
  • The role of the World Football Cup in international politics
  • Amateur sports and their influence upon the health of non-professional athletes
  • The harm sports cause to the health of professional athletes
  • The image of sports in fiction writing: romanization and demonization of sporting realities
  • The role sports managers play in the performance of athletes
  • The history of doping
  • International sporting events and their influence on national economies and the global economy.
  • In which way is a sport different from any other game or physical exercise?
  • A day in the life of an athlete
  • Popular sports as a method of promoting a healthy lifestyle
  • Differences in sports popularity in developed and third world countries
  • Intellectual development of sports athletes: peculiarities and issues.

Persuasive Essays about Sports - Peculiarities of Composition

Being a persuasive essay, the persuasive essay on sports is primarily an exercise in rhetoric requiring the student to defend their viewpoint and provide quality arguments in support of their announced thesis. But before you have a chance to take a stance and begin persuading your audience, it is important to think of good topics for such essays.

Good Sports Persuasive Essay Topics

  • There should be no gender-based segregation in sports.
  • The achievements of female athletes are less covered in the media.
  • Hosting of the Olympic Games holds many economic benefits for the host country.
  • Holding sports competitions can be an alternative to waging wars.
  • In the majority of cases, a career in sports means early retirement and a miserable life afterward.
  • The Paralympics Games is not a sports competition but rather a show.
  • The Olympic Games failed to live up to their mission, which is the promotion of peace on the planet.
  • There is a list of games which need to be included in the Winter Olympic Games program.
  • The amount of money invested in an athlete does not directly influence their performance.
  • College athletes need to receive significant compensation for their time and effort.

It is important to understand that in the majority of cases the persuasive essay will rely heavily on the use of rhetorical devices, and this is exactly what makes it different from the other categories of sports essays.

Sports Argumentative Essays' Features

The argumentative sports essay focuses on providing arguments in favor of a particular position related to sports. It typically has three main arguments, to each of which a paragraph in the essay body is dedicated, and a paragraph or two addressing the argumentation of opponents. But what is tricky here is finding a good topic for such an essay. But, just as usual, here we are to help you work out an excellent topic. Check out the following list. You are likely to find something to meet your needs.

Pertinent Sports Topics for Argumentative Essays

  • There is no relationship between sports and violence.
  • Discrimination among athletes is not addressed correctly by national and international sports administrations.
  • Sports are more beneficial than harmful to human health.
  • Women should be more widely represented in different sports.
  • The Paralympic Games is just another form of discrimination.
  • Colleges must purchase basic injury insurance for every athlete competing for them.
  • Sleeping disorders are among the leading causes of injuries in sports.
  • Professional injuries are dangerous for young athletes' health.
  • Stretching is the most important mechanism of injury prevention.
  • An athlete's negative psychological state increases the likelihood of their suffering an injury.

There are many other types of sports essays, including sports in education essays, sports history essays, and many others. However, no matter what essay type you are assigned to write, keep in mind that we are always there to lend you a helping hand. Order an essay now, and we'll have one of our most professional writers work on it straight away!