Euthanasia Essay Writing — Strategy and Tips

Posted on Jul 04, 2019

What is it exactly that makes writing the euthanasia essay so challenging? The topic is tough to deal with both emotionally and psychologically, which is why quite a number of our clients keep asking us for help with writing such an essay.

So, before we proceed any further let us try and answer the question "What is euthanasia" Being a medically assisted suicide of incurable patients, euthanasia is a hotly debated subject all over the world these days. The main debate centers around the question of whether euthanasia should be legalized or banned altogether. Opponents of legalization claim that there is always space for hope, while euthanasia proponents put forward the argument that any person should have the right to die.

Euthanasia Essay Structure In Detail

The structure of an essay on euthanasia is more or less typical: a first comes an introduction followed by three or more body paragraphs, and then there's a brief conclusion paragraph and a list of citations which is named differently depending on a chosen citation style. So, let us consider each of the above parts in more detail.

How to Write a Euthanasia Essay Introduction

All you need to do is grab your reader's attention, which is quite easy to do, considering how socially important the topic is. Your next step is to introduce your thesis, so try and provide as many details as you can in support of your viewpoint. Also be sure to include y information about the history of the problem and announce the arguments you will use in your introduction on euthanasia essay.

Euthanasia Essay Body

The body paragraphs are the most crucial part of the entire essay. Make sure you follow the one-argument-per-one-paragraph structure, backing up each of your arguments with sufficient evidence. Quote and cite, but avoid plagiarism; keep your paragraphs reasonably short and do not create too many of them.

Euthanasia Essay Conclusion

Once you are done with your body paragraphs, make sure you develop a strong conclusion for euthanasia essay. The conclusion should not contain any new information (though citations are sometimes acceptable), but since this is the last thing the reader will see before finishing reading your paper, be careful writing it. Make sure to mention all the arguments dealt with in the body paragraphs, before restating your thesis. Depending on the citation style you are using make sure to include the works cited or reference page. The euthanasia essay is most frequently written in APA style, but do not forget to check it with your professor if they have any particular formatting requirements.

Euthanasia Pros and Cons Essay Purpose

The euthanasia essay may come in several different types, and the euthanasia arguments essay is one of them. If this is the case, you should inform the reader about the benefits and drawbacks of euthanasia, making sure you favor neither the supporting nor the opposing viewpoint. Alternatively, you may have to write the pro-euthanasia essay, in which you should provide arguments why euthanasia ought to be legalized. You may state opposing arguments and respond to them with counter-arguments. If you are writing the anti-euthanasia essay, you should cite euthanasia cons facts and only address pro arguments to refute them.

Composing a Euthanasia Argumentative Essay

Another popular type of the euthanasia essay is the argumentative essay about euthanasia. When you have to prepare such an essay, you should always come up with a thesis, supporting it with any factual or scholarly evidence you can get your hands on. It is also important that you introduce the subject and add some controversy in the introductory part of your essay to captivate and intrigue the reader. If you write an argumentative essay about euthanasia, be sure to include the summary of your arguments in conclusion as well.

Human Euthanasia Argumentative Essay

Please, keep in mind that euthanasia essays may differ not only regarding structure but also in terms of subject. One of the most popular topics is whether or not the patient should be allowed to request euthanasia, and if they are, how are they supposed to express their desire? Another important question to consider is whether euthanasia ought to be administered to incurably sick infants, mentally disabled people, or people in the state of clinical death. Which in turn raises another dilemma: if they are in no position to express their desire, who should be in charge of taking the decision then?

Argumentative Essay on Animal Euthanasia

Animal euthanasia is another popular topic as far as euthanasia essays are concerned. Since animals cannot express their desire, it is important to come up with some decision-taking mechanism which will make it possible for them to do so. It is also a good idea to write an essay on whether or not euthanasia for animals can be abused, and thus, whether or not it should be allowed in the first place. There may be many other ideas for animal euthanasia topics, so you should try to practice creating them yourself to come up with something unique and original.

Euthanasia Argumentative Essay Outline Example to Focus On

To give you a better idea of what the euthanasia essay should look like, we have developed a sample outline which you can modify or use as it is for writing your essay:

"Why Euthanasia Should Be Legal" Essay Outline

  1. Introduction
    • Hook;
    • General info on euthanasia;
    • Introducing arguments.
  2. Body
    • Argument 1: It is inhumane to make people suffer without any hope of being cured. People should be in control of their lives, no matter what.
    • Argument 2: Money spent on supporting unconscious and incurably sick patients had better be used to treat conscious and recoverable ones.
    • Argument 3: Legalization of euthanasia will improve the quality of life of the patients' families.
  3. Conclusion paragraph
    • Summary of the arguments;
    • Conclusion.

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